Android keylogger protect your children

Android keylogger protect your children

Android keylogger


Description of Keylogger for Android

Protect your children, know that they write on Android phone. Android keylogger lets you know all the keys pressed on the phone’s keypad. In real time, at any moment. The safety of your children comes first. This keylogger feature is important to know everything they do. Record keystrokes to see anything typed on Android

See everything that’s being typed. Android keylogger lets you see everything that’s typed on the phone’s keyboard. Discover search terms, notes, passwords and more. Captured keystrokes automatically uploads to your web account to view and download.


What is a Keylogger?

Keylogger is one of those words which make more sense when you say it backwards. It is a ‘logger’ (recorder) of ‘key’(strokes). To expand on that a little, it is software installed on a computer, or a hardware device attached to a computer, which records all the keystrokes made on that computer. Anything typed is recorded and stored so that it can be checked later.

Of course, for the last ten years, anything called a computer includes the very smart phones in our pockets! Here, we are only concerned with smartphones, and can ignore the hardware solutions which were once more common with desktop computers.

What are the uses of a Keylogger?

Given the fact that it is a tracking software, keylogger for android have the following uses:

Parental control – It s a great way to track the activity of your children without getting caught.

Also, you can get notified quickly regarding a particular page they accessed online, their location and many other vital things.

Many parents choose to control the browsing history of their kids, with some great keyloggers.

Security – If you want to be sure your staff is respecting the rules, then you can get notification regarding their activities via a keylogger.

In this way, you get to keep them in a very secure mode for the company benefit.

Spouse activities tracking – In case you sense things indicating that your spouse is cheating on you; then you can use a keylogger for android cell phones that will enable you to know what your spouse is up to.

Let it be over the internet-powered programs (i.e., WhatsApp, Snapchat, searching in the mobile browser, etc.) or even on cell phone texts.

So all in all, the android keylogger apps can help you track your spouse’s activity.

Now that you know the typical uses of a keylogger — let’s take a look at some essential things to look in a keylogger.


keylogger android

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