Android Spy Techniques

Android Spy Techniques

Android Spy Techniques

We are so used to wake up, turn our cellphone on, and use it several times throughout the day. There’s absolutely nothing wrong about this, as we are lucky to live in a moment in time when we can stay connected. Android Spy is very easy from hackers.

However, sometimes our habits make us overlook some possible security concerns when it comes to using our phones, specifically Android devices.

One of these concern is whether we are being spied through our Android phone, which is something possible, and might happen to children and adults alike. For this reason, it’s important to learn about common hacker’s practices on spying phones.


Getting Android spy software installed

Getting Android spy

Getting Android spy

It might me surprising, but there is no shortage when looking for a good Android app to spy phones. This software must be manually installed on the device, though, which might make it harder for the offender.

However, there are ways someone could get the spyware installed in the device without the user noticing it.

Some ways for our phone to get spied may be:

  • Someone with access to our device, for instance, if we often leave our device out of sight in a place surrounded with people and the cellphone doesn’t have any security, someone could decide to install the spy app in it.
  • Earning a phone on an online contest, especially from a person or group we don’t know, as our new phone could come with a spying app


Connecting to a public Wi-Fi network

hack from wify

hack from wify

Nowadays, it is hard when we have no access to a Wi-Fi network, and finding a network that is freely available, with good signal and without a password is too good not to take the opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with this, and some of these free networks are provided by governments. The problem is that some hackers may take advantage of these public networks to do unethical things with our phone.

A skilled hacker can do a lot with a public network, as it is a very silent way for them to steal data or install spyware.

This doesn’t that we should always avoid connecting to a public network, but it’s a call for us to be more careful when choosing where to connect. Remember: Android Spy Techniques from Wi-Fi is very easy from hackers.


Being victims of phishing

Being victims of phishing

Being victims of phishing

Phishing is a common practice in the world of hacking, and one which success often has more to do with social skills than technical ones.

This technique consists on the offender pretending to be an entity we trust in, usually via email, but also through other forms of online communication. Usually, those doing phishing take the user to a site that looks like the original, but which only captures the information provided by the confused user.

With this technique, hackers can get the user to do many things, even getting her/him to install spyware in the phone, getting access to all of the data on a clean way.


Offenders with good social engineering skills

social engineering attacks

social engineering attacks

Phishing was named before, and this technique is a popular form of social engineering, but we used the latter term to encompass many techniques to get information or induce the user to perform a certain action through psychological manipulation.

A great percentage of the time when someone is talking about hacking, or a person claims to know how to hack an account, this person is most likely talking about social engineering.

But it not requiring complex algorithms doesn’t make it less valid of a skill. Often hackers can achieve many things with social engineering that they couldn’t, or not as efficiently, if using spyware, maleware or viruses, making it important for us to pay more attention when giving valuable information.


Here is some utility videos from Android Spy Techniques

Here I expose some videos that I find interesting that describe some of the techniques that hackers use to spy on Android phones.





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