Android spy

Android spy

Android spy in this times is now possible and easy to do it.

android spy

Your first option of android spy

Simple: An app easy to install in your phone. ¿The best? Catwatchful

Catwatchful offers the most complete features : 

Secret screen shots to the android to see what’s going on

Social media monitoring to track messages from social network and sms sent and received.

¿You want to know the incoming and outgoing calls in the android? No problem because you record and download them.

Access to all the media: Such as the photos, videos and the files downloaded.

Worried about what your kids watch on the internet? See the internet browser history of their device.

It’s important to know the people they have as contacts, so you can access to their list.

Some apps are dangerous: See our post dangerous apps That’s why the apps installed information is available on the dashboard.

And you may be wondering ¿What’s the dashboard?

It’s like a control panel when you get all the information monitored: Is important to do backups.

So there you go: All you need to spy an Android device from your mobile or your pc.

If you need more information: Check out the About us section. Or the contact section if you have any doubts about the privacy, installation or anything else.

¿Do you like the post? ¿Whats your favorite feature named on the Catwatchful’s app: The best for parental control?

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