Call recorder app benefits

Call recorder app benefits

Call recorder app

Call recorder App ¿Why install one?

Call recorder app: Someday we think in installing one. But ¿Why?

The principal reason is for safety, a lot of blackmail calls can be received. Recording the call helps the police to recognize the voice for example.

Your children are exposed to criminals that can contact them using the cellphone, so it’s better to be alert and see who is talking with them.

Use call recorder as an evidence for work or legal issues.

You can record incoming and outgoing calls and have them downloaded in audio files.

All that benefits are good if we install one in our smartphone.

But ¿What happen when we want to record the calls of another cellphone?

Catwatchfull app has the record call feature: With any app you can record calls and save them in mp3, but also with catwatchfull you have a detailed log of incoming and outgoing calls.

You never know if you need the time of the incoming or outgoing calls: That is also on the log in your cpanel.

It doesn’t matter the call’s duration, 15 seconds or 4 hours, all will be recorded in the file and log, just remember that the archive will become heavier: In the cpanel will be stored without trouble, but if you download it to your PC it will take some time, depending of your internet speed.

The Catwatchful‘s call recorder audios always have excellent quality and, if the one that called to the device is in the contact list, that information will be in the detailed log

You can download the app here or the Android Client

¿Do you like the article? ¿Do you consider necessary an app for calls recorder? ¿What was your experience?

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