CatWatchful Full Features

Are your children abusing the privileges of texting and calling?

Are you worried they are using the phone for disallowed or inappropriate activities?
CatWatchful helps parents monitor the smartphones and tablets that they own or have proper consent to monitor. They use it to learn about their child’s call information, websites visited, text message activities, photos, GPS locations and more.

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Program Description

CatWatchful is a hybrid software/service which allows you to monitor smartphone usage in real time. This unique system logs the activities of your device.

Notify your child or employee they will be monitored. Install a small application directly onto your device that they use. The app has an optional icon which can further notify them that they are being monitored.

After the software is setup on the monitored phone, it will log an array of phone activities and then insert the information to your account using the Internet. When you want to view results, simply login from any web browser and enter your username and password.

With the LIVE Control Panel, you can view the phone’s screen and location LIVE.

Spy Camera

Takes pictures in real time from the device camera. (Front and rear). You can take control of your target device remotely and take a snapshot to ensure that you know exactly where the device is at any time. LiveCamera has many useful features:

  • The ability to take control of a phone or device’s camera anytime from anywhere
  • Preview any photos before you save them
  • Download pictures to your PC
  • See where the target is at any given moment

Record Surroundings

CatWatchful ambient recording is a powerful feature to record surroundings in real time. You can set specific times to record and the app will automatically upload the audio files to your online user portal for convenient listening.

You can remotely activate the target’s cell phone microphone and record what is going on around them. Our ambient recording app makes it possible to:

  • Record phone surroundings without needing physical access to the target device
  • Save the ambient recording and listen later
  • Change the duration of the spy voice recorder


Take screenshots in real time and observe everything that happens on the device display.

CatWatchful ScreenCapture has many useful features:

  • The ability to take control of a phone or device’s display anytime from anywhere
  • Preview screen capture before you save them
  • Download pictures to your PC
  • See device screen at any given moment


Navigate in the file explorer and manage files remotely in real time. See images preview, download and upload files, delete, and more…
There is no telling what your Kids may be keeping safe in their files. Browse through the file explorer and stay updated with all the downloaded, received files.

With the CatWatchful, you can remotely monitor the following files from the internal memory of the target device :

  • Saved media files:
  • View the storage Details
  • File Explorer
  • Files in internal Storage


CatWatchful tracks the GPS location of the target device on preset intervals (or real time) so that you can know clearly where the users have been or their current whereabouts.

GPS tracking works well to locate children’s position, catch insider threats and find back lost Android devices.


Record audio from the control panel and send it to the device in real time. The audio is played automatically at maximum volume.

Communicate with your children directly, even if they do not want it, even if the device is in silent mode.

SMS Tracker

With CatWatchful, you can monitor the following SMS Log data (even if was removed from the device):

  • Outgoing Messages.
  • Incoming Messages.
  • Date and Time Stamps.
  • Message Body Text.
  • Contact Information.

Social Media Monitoring

CatWatchful records the entire history of Whatsapp and Facebook conversations, contact list and files sent and received. (even if was removed from the device).

Spy whatsapp and facebook messages instantly.

View media files

CatWatchful allows you View media files stored on a monitored device. Instantly be able to:

  • Browse all pictures downloaded on the monitored device.
  • See when each photo was taken.
  • View all pictures as thumbnails.
  • Access photo logs straight from your Control Panel.
  • Filter photos by date

Call Recording

Record both incoming and outgoing calls silently. All the recordings are encrypted on your device and encoded in MP3 file.

The call recording file is uploaded using a secure channel to CatWatchful server allowing you to listen it from your control panel.



Outgoing and incoming call information is logged with number and time, provides you with a chronological log of all incoming and outgoing calls.


Allows you to track all web history from Android Target phone’s web browser.

  • See all web sites visited.
  • Get username and passwords stored by the user.
  • Get time and date of each visit.
  • Get the number of times the web was accessed.
  • All URLs uploaded to online account Dashboard.


You can view all phone book entries on any Android Target phone.

  • View all names and numbers stored in the address book.
  • All Contacts uploaded into your web account Dashboard.


Want to know which applications your child has recently installed on a monitored device? Some of those applications may actually present a risk to the phone and the information stored on it.

  • See a complete list of all installed software
  • See the date software was installed
  • See the name of the software installed
  • See the software version number


Send multiple commands in real time:

  • Turn on/off the camera of the device.
  • Vibrate the device.
  • Send toast messages.
  • And more…


In the dashboard you can monitor the following Device Information:

  • Real time: Battery level, Wifi status, Signal, Gps status, Sound mode and more…
  • SIM card details, IMEI Number.
  • Operating System version of the Android device.
  • Software version of the Android device.
  • Time and date stamps for the latest Internet detection on the device.
  • Internal storage information.
  • Device’s account details.
  • Service status.
  • Subscription details.


With Keylogger feature, you can spy all the keystrokes made with the phone’s keyboard and the application in which it is written.

See in detail everything that is written. Keylogger will allow you to have absolute control over every event that takes place in the cell phone. Everything the user writes from the phone will be registered immediately and you will be able to see it in real time.


When the device receives a new notification of any application (whatsapp, facebook, instagram, gmail, etc.) is registered and stored in your user account.

You can view all the notifications, and extract valuable information from them. For example, when a whatsapp message arrives, a notification is first shown with the sender and the message. The same happens with the other applications.


With this feature you can see a detailed chronological list of all wifi and mobile data connections.
Every time the device is connected and disconnected from the internet you can see it.

Know all the details of the wifi network where the device is connected and duration.

If device is turned off or restar is also registered. All data collected is displayed in a chronological timeline.


View all photos from the most important phone folders, for example: Whatsapp received and sent images, facebook saved images, screenshots taken by user, downloaded photos, instagram pictures, etc.

When a new image detected in the phone, its sent immediately to your user account, and you can see it.

Start monitoring now!