Catwatchful™ – Parental Control App for Android devices


CatWatchful is a powerful monitoring and surveillance tool for Android devices. Each feature was designed and developed in order to meet the needs and demands of our users. In this section we explain in detail Feature Information, how to use it, requirements and limitations.


Our tool has a powerful live surveillance system, where you can know what is happening around the device in real time. Access to the camera, microphone listening, GPS location, among others.


Know at every moment with whom your children interact in the most used social networks today. All activity that occurs on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, among others, is monitored and recorded by CatWatchful.


You will have a detailed report of everything that happens on your child’s social networks at all times. With this feature to monitor social networks you can access, among other things:


With this feature you will be able to listen to all calls (incoming and outgoing). You will be able to listen to and download the recordings directly from your user account.


All incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded by CatWatchful and will be available to you immediately.


You will be able to clearly hear every call and you will be able to download the audio to your own device.


Once the call ends, it will automatically be sent to your account and will be available for you to listen to.
All audios will be stored in your account, for later analysis.


Visualize the mobile screen in real time and take screenshots. Find out what use is being given to the mobile at all times, you can see if the person is chatting, using a program, etc.


You will be able to see the mobile screen as if you had it in your hands. The screenshots taken are stored in your user account in chronological order so that you can access the history whenever you want.


Record the surroundings of the phone. With this function you can record and listen to the environment around you in real time.


This function is essential in any spy phone application, since it allows us to remotely access the microphone of the mobile and listen to everything that happens around it. Remotely activate the microphone and hear what is really happening.


Track cell phone GPS location in real time. Know when and where the device is at all times. GPS tracking locations is very important to have full control of the mobile that we are monitoring.


With this feature you will be able to know live and direct the exact location of the phone. You can check the complete history of locations, filtering by date and time. Know at every moment the GPS coordinates of the mobile.


The margin of error is practically zero, since CatWatchful uses one of the latest technologies of the Android operating system, which allows access to the location with a minimum margin of error.


With the Keylogger function, you will be able to see all the keys that were pressed on the device and the application in which it is being typed. This feature will allow you to have complete control over every event that takes place on the cell phone.


Everything that the user writes from the phone will be recorded immediately and can be viewed in real time. What the user writes on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc, is recorded by this Keylogger feature.


The collected data is stored in your account sorted by date and time for quick search. You will have the option to select a particular day and see everything that was done and written from the phone for that day.


CatWatchful allows you to access ALL media files stored on the monitored device.


Access all images and videos of the most important applications, for example: Whatsapp (Sent and received files), Facebook saved images, user-made screenshots, downloaded photos, Instagram images, transferred images, etc.


When a new image is detected on the phone, it is immediately sent to your user account and you can view it. This feature does not require an Internet connection.


Spy on the phone camera remotely, take photos secretly. Observe with your own eyes everything that happens around the mobile.


In real time, you will be able to access the camera and observe everything that happens. Access to Selfie and rear camera. Remotely activate the camera and secretly take photos to see the surroundings of the phone.


Complete and detailed history of each web page accessed from the device. Stay informed of the websites your child accesses on a daily basis and take preventive measures if necessary.


Detailed access to the entire contact list of the monitored device. All data from the contact list will be available to you at all times.


Every time a contact is added, deleted or modified, it will be registered by CatWatchful and you will be able to know it immediately to take the preventive actions that you consider necessary.

You can also block or delete a contact from the device, if you see fit.


With this feature, you will be able to see a detailed list of each installed application. Obtain in detail the information of each existing application on the device.


You will be able to know the exact moment in which each application is installed or uninstalled.  


Average time of use of each application and the possibility of restricting it or being notified if that time is exceeded.


All incoming and outgoing messages will be monitored and recorded by CatWatchful. View and analyze all SMS text messages that are sent or received from the device


Every time the device receives a new notification from any application (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, etc.) it is registered and stored in your user account.


You will be able to see all the notifications and extract valuable information from them. For example, when a message arrives from WhatsApp or Instagram, a notification with the sender and the message is first displayed. The same goes for the other apps.


You will be surprised at all the valuable information that can be extracted by analyzing the notifications and alerts that the device receives. CatWatchful offers the possibility of accessing and analyzing this information in a very simple way.


With this feature, you will be able to access a detailed chronological list of all Wi-Fi and mobile data connections made from the device.

Every time the device was connected or disconnected from the Internet, you will be able to know it.


Know all the details of the WiFi network from where the device connected and the duration. Know when you were connected to the Internet, for how long, and the name of the network or access point. Find out how long the device was off or offline.


All collected data is displayed on a chronological timeline for easy interpretation.


Send multiple commands to the device in real time.