Social media monitoring at work

Social media monitoring at work

 Monitoring social media at work. Something bosses really need

monitoring social media at work

¿Why monitoring social media at work?

Because the entrepreneur want employees focused and to be productive at work. Likewise, if they need a break or have an emergency the boss understands.

Therefore ¿What are the solutions?

Sourvillance cameras are good, but not good enough. ¿How about an app? That’s better.

With Catwatchful’s app you monitor social media of an android device ¿Messages from facebook, whatsapp or sms? You will be able to monitor them.

Just receive a notification and you can check it out. Monitor social media have never been more easy and efective.

Seems like it’s the perfect tool when an employee has a company’s cellphone.

Maybe employees are not gonna like this. But it’s only for working benefits. And last, but not least, the social media files:

I’ts possible to check the files of the target device, such as images, videos, audios or another files downloaded like word documents, pdf, among others.

Maybe you ask ¿It’s possible to see the device contact list?

Of course, with the catwatchful’s app you will be able to see the contact information, such as name, phone and mobile number, e-mail,etc.

Down load the app here

We have an install guide to help you step by step: Click here

If you have any doubt about the app, the installation, or anything: Go to the frequent answer question s section or go directly to the contact section by clicking here. We will respond you as soon as possible.

¿Do you like the article? ¿Have you downloaded the app?

Article wrote by:

Rodrigo Villasana Maciel

SEO copywright @ jazfrasystem








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