Phone tracker for android

Phone tracker for android

Phone tracker for android It isn’t complicated to have one.

Phone tracker for android








¿How to have a phone tracker for android?

First of all, you must know that you have to pay for that.

Just kidding: It’s free

All you have to do is install the Catwatchful’s app:

 Download by clicking here and check the installation guide.

I know your next question is ¿What are the features of the app?

It really has a lot. Let’s focus on the most important:

Because your priority are your parents: The GPS tracking send to your account the exact coordinates of the device you’re tracking.

As a result: You know in real time where your kids are for example.

The camera spy: Take secret shots with the camera of the device, see a preview and send them to your account to download theme.

Due to kids can contact bad people in social media.

It’s possible to monitor their whatsapp or facebook messages. A notification will appear when they have a new one.

You may think ¿Is that all? But no, we are just getting started.

How about to be able to check what our kids are watching in their cellphone’s internet?

With Catwatchful’s app See the device’s browser history to see the sites they had visited.

Not every spy phone app has the android keylogger.

With that feature you will know what has been written and all the info will be in your account.

And finally, a classic one, the call log that registers every income and outgoing call has been made in the device you are tracking.

We still have more features: Check them here

If you have any doubt: Contact us

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Phone tracker for android catwatchful






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