Remotely activate cell phone microphone

Remotely activate cell phone microphone

Remotely activate cell phone microphone: The mother of all features

remotely activate cell phone microphone Catwatchful

First of all: The record surrounding is the feature all spy apps must have.

¿Why Remotely activate cell phone microphone? 

Catwatchful’s app allows to record surrounding on the phone ! In real time and stealth mode.

Just activate remotely the device’s microphone to start recording.

Because no one is perfect, and we are honest, I must tell you something:

With no internet connection, 2 minutes of every hour of the day are allowed to record. Sorry


That’s all for the only bad thing, now let’s talk about the good ones:

With the catwatchful app’s mic recorder feature you:

Listen what your kid’s doing while he or she’s hanging out with his/her friends: Just to make sure they aren’t with people that drink, to drugs, or commit crimes.

At work, due to suspicious workers ¿What do you do with the app? Activate and listen to what are they talking to make sure everything it’s ok.

Sounds too much careful, but remember the phrase: Better safe than sorry.

¿How to do it?

First of all: Check if the device has internet connection. Click “START RECORDING” button and when you finish click on the “STOP RECORDING”.

It will take a few seconds to be uploaded on the server and saved in your account.

Sorry, another detail I forgot:

How long it will take the audio to be uploaded it depends of the device’s internet connection: If it’s a little low it will take a little bit more than 10 seconds.

And there you go. Mission acomplished.

To download the app just click here and this link to check out all the Catwatchful app’s complete features.

Do you like the article? If you already downloaded the app ¿What’s your experience using the record surrounding?

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