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Make money with CatWatchful

CatWatchful App offers the LOWEST price per subscription

Earn money monthly for each subscription sold

You will have the HIGHEST profit if you become our reseller

You can join to the resellers platform for FREE

You can test the application for FREE before starting to sell it

There’s no need to have your own site

Make money right now!

Start selling subscriptions and earn money in a few steps

Set your own prices

You can manage the prices and profit margins

Control Panel

Manage your sales from your user account

Support 24/7

We will help you and guide you to sell


We see resellers as our sales team members in the field. You will have recognizable brand to sell, a comprehensive set of tools to use in promotion and a strong company to support you in every way possible.


Strong Brand

CatWatchful is the leader in the phone monitoring market, and depending on your operations you can become an equal partner or a team member.

Promotion Materials

You will have everything required to effectively present CatWatchful products to your customers:

  • Product descriptions
  • Demo accounts
  • Box prints
  • Leaflets


Sales Focus

You don’t need to provide any product-related customer support after the sale. Our dedicated Customer Support works 24/7 to back you up should any issue occur.You don’t need to provide any product-related customer support after the sale. Our dedicated Customer Support works 24/7 to back you up should any issue occur.

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All you need to do is to carefully complete the registration form for resellers. After it is reviewed and approved, you can access to our control panel for resellers and start sold and make money.

Initially you can resell 5 subscriptions of each type (15 in total). Then, you can request more subscriptions to resell.

Resellers can distribute BASIC, STANDARD and GOLD subscriptions of CatWatch.

CatWatchful is powerfull brand in the phone monitoring market – which a powerfull tool in arousing customers trust and prompting the to make a purchase. We are happy to share our brand strength with our partners and resellers, so they they don’t have to carry extra cost creating an unfamiliar no-name brand.

Not at all. CatWatchful has a 24/7 support line via Phone, Email and Online Chat. We tend to all our customers’ needs directly, allowing our resellers to focus on what they do best – sales.


Complete the reseller registration form and wait for your approval.

Sell the product via your distribution channel with the help of our promo materials.

Pay us a commission percentage of each subscription sold by you.


linux resellerIn the last 2 years we have managed to create a fully functional application for the Android operating system.

Are you ready to make money with CatWatchfull app?
Become an CatWatchful software reseller today and bring our powerful, margin-attractive products into you local and industry-specific markets.


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