Spy phone app 2019

Spy phone app 2019

Spy phone app 2019

The integrity of our online data has been an increasingly hot topic as cases of companies selling data without the permission of users keep popping out from time to time on the news, leaving us with the question of are we being spied through our phones?

The first thing to considerate is that not everything that involves providing our data is synonym of being spied. The most powerful service providers and product manufacturers such as Google, Facebook, Apple or Amazon have access to certain data and is only meant to be used with the purpose of improving their customer experience.

Spy phone app app like CatWatchful provide the possibility of spying our children’s phone, but only as a mean of protection, and they must be aware that we are tracking what they do. But there are cases in which we are not even aware of this software being installed on our phone, and we should avoid it at all costs.

Let’s find common spying practices and how to avoid them:

Installing Spy phone app through email

installing spy phone app

Spy phone app might actually be useful and legit in some cases. However, people should always be aware of this type of software being installed on the device they are using, so that they don’t compromise information they wouldn’t have shared otherwise.

However, the whole point of spying is most of the time not getting caught doing so, and as such, some spying software that can be installed through an email or a link opening have been developed.

Luckily, with some common sense and enough precaution, we can avoid these 100{2dcc9299d69533fdc663323a698dc5741e5ab3c35276e8d2c9b7457f681dce89} of the time:

  • Use a trusted and modern email client with great spam detection
  • Don’t open everything you receive, especially if you don’t know what it is
  • Do your research before installing anything you receive
  • Disconnect the internet before installing or opening files which origin you don’t know


Receiving a device with Spy phone app preinstalledspy phone app preinstalled

Probably a much less probable case, but there’s the possibility of this occurring. In this case, the cellphone you received might have Spy phone app preinstalled without you knowing it, or having extra hardware that allows spies to get information without needing any software.

Many actions can be used in order to avoid this:

  • Apply a factory reset to the device you’ve received
  • Take your new phone to a trusted technical service so that any extra spying hardware can be spotted on
  • Make sure to know who is giving the device or phone away on the first place



Someone installing Spy phone app software when you are not presentSpy phone app software

One of the oldest tricks in the book, but a good one nonetheless for those who might want a desire to track upon some of the activities someone close to her/him is doing on the phone or device.

This one might be driven from personal motivations related to romance, attraction, jealousy, competitiveness; among the many other motivators for someone to attempt to install a tracker or spyware on one’s device.

It’s possible for us to avoid or solve these situations:

  • Don’t lend your phone or mobile device to anyone you don’t trust enough
  • Have a password, PIN or pattern on your devices
  • Often check the apps and software installed on your phone or device, and research any of those you don’t remember having installed

Software for spying someone else’s mobile device or phone might be useful, especially when it comes to a very vulnerable sector, such as children or elders. However, using this kind of software, even professional and trusted options, require a person’s best intentions and honesty.

If you consider it necessary to track what your child or someone close to you is doing with her/his phone, let her/his know that you are using a software for spying a device. This way, you won’t break laws, nor you will lose the trust of that person.

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