Spy phone software for social media monitoring

Spy phone software for social media monitoring

Protect kids from social media dangers

A spy phone software is be a useful tool to protect our kids from all the online dangers: Child predators, catfishing, among others. Spy phone software for social media monitoring

Ways the criminals contact your kids

Just like the phrase: “better safe than sorry”

One example: Your son says he’s going to a party, when you ask who invited him, he says he made a “new friend” that contacted him in facebook or whatsapp.

Use fakes accounts is so easy to create in whatsapp or facebook.

Using spy phone software to keep them away from criminals

So, in this case, using a spy phone software, it’s important because you keep them safe.

As long as you only check those conversations considered a danger for them.

And not only we are talking about to monitor a conversation your kids has with a stranger in both facebook or whatsapp: Also is important to check the file management, who don’t know what I’m talking about, are the files they received from the stranger, like photos or documents, and also check what the’ve sent to them to be beware or to take matters into your own hands. The ways to detect a fake whatsapp account are this article .


There is nothing most important in life than your kids’ safety:

But it’s also important to respect their privacy.

Several spy phone software offer a lot of features.

However, Catwatchful resolve all your spy needs or monitoring, because not only you monitor facebook or whatsapp’s conversations: Also the spy phone software tracks the contact list to see if there is something suspicious in their recent conversations. See the complete features .

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