Track phone

Track phone

track phone has become a need.

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Reasons to track phone

First of all, it’s obvious that safety is the first one: Monitor your children.

Likewise: The goal is just protect them respecting their privacy.

The other situation is: Monitor your company’s activity and employees.

The Catwatchful’s app has a lot of features that help you no matter which situation is yours.

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Record surrounding to listen anything nearby your children’s phone.

Meanwhile, in your company to hear  what the employees talk about.

Because is a classic, the GPS tracking to know where your kids are.

At work to know the exact location of your employees or coorporate partners.

The call recording to check the incoming and outgoing calls of the device.

Furthermore, you know the time those calls were maid.

Screen captures to see what’s your children doing at their android device. Probably at work only useful if you install the app in some employee you want to monitor.

As a parent you must be alert to see the apps your children install in their cellphone, so you can have a list of the apps that are installed.

Seems like that’s all you need to monitor: But there’s more: Like social media monitoring, android keylogger and browser history.

And last, but not least, the notifications you receive alerts of any activity on the phone, such as social networks’ messages, gps tracking, calls recorder, among others.

Certainly: The catwatchfull‘s app offer a lot of features: You can check all of them detailed in here

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