Whatsapp call rec

Whatsapp call rec

Whatsapp call rec  because you never know when you will need it

Whatsapp call rec










Why use a whatsapp call rec?

As a parent, use it  to monitor your kids’ calls to make sure they aren’t contacting a criminal,

Also thugs or child predators that try to contact them.

Therefore, your children are well protected.

And as an entrepreneur make sure your employees aren’t doing something bad or against the law.

You may say: Ok the reasons, but: What’s the best solution?

The Catwatchful’s app offers you that feature and more related to whatsapp.

In our post Spy phone software for social media monitoring We talk about monitor messages.

But, right now, we are focus on the whatsapp calls.

Catwatchful’s app records the incoming and outgoing calls of whatsapp, no matter if the call lasts for 3 seconds or 2 hours. It will be recorded.

And the call will be in a mp3 document and is displayed the call’s exact time: Date,hour and minute.

Therefore, there you have an app to record calls and messages of the tracked device.

Above all, use the app just to safety or work.

Thanks for reading.

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