Your Daughter’s First Concert: Monitor Her to Protect Her

Your Daughter’s First Concert: Monitor Her to Protect Her

Your teen daughter’s first concert is an exciting event and a rite of passage: experiencing live music for the first time. When the lights down and her favorite band or musician emerges on stage, your teen has entered a new level of independence.

Music—especially live music—makes people feel alive, but a live concert is rife for bad behavior if your teen isn’t careful. Usually, teen girls just want to sing together at the top of their lungs and act silly, but concerts also foster their independence and it’s only natural that a teen grows up during one show.

So how do you ensure your teen is safe at her first concert? Other than buying a ticket and sitting behind her, a concerned parent can install a mobile monitoring app like CatWatchful on her daughter’s smartphone. What would a app cell phone number app like CatWatchful do? Well, just think about the things that you didn’t tell your parents when you went to shows. Then imagine being that crazy and thoughtless but under the bright lights of today’s dangerous digital world. Back then, if you were doing drugs, you didn’t take a picture and post it on Instagram. Today, kids wear their reckless behavior like a badge of honor.

A app cell phone software on your daughter’s cell phone will also track her GPS location to make sure that she gets to the arena or music festival in the first place. When you download the software—installation takes only two to three minutes—you can follow her movements to make sure she gets to the concert and home safely.

You can also make sure she’s not meeting up with the wrong crowd—there are all sorts of people at shows. Most of them are great, and just there to enjoy the music. But some are not. Some guys are trying to sell your daughter Ecstasy. Some guys are trying to buy her drinks. Some guys want to take pictures without her knowing, and post those pictures online. Some guys are also texting those photos and using her body parts as a source of laughter and comedy for his buddies. Believe it or not, it happens.

And what about her actions after the concert? You want to make sure she’s also not using the first concert experience to illegally post the concert to certain websites. She could get into a whole new world of problems that way. Legal ones.

CatWatchful is an amazing product because you can install the software and then monitor the targeted phone from anywhere—even from multiple devices. So even if you’re out to dinner and she’s watching Taylor Swift at Madison Square Garden, you can make sure she’s safe. You’re never far from checking up on your child. When she got her first cell phone, did you ever think you’d have peace of mind ever again? Now you can have it back.

CatWatchful app cell phone lookup software is there for your daughter’s first show, and beyond. A modern cell phone monitoring software app gives parents and guardians more control than they thought could ever have—even when your child is growing up and going to her first live concert. Let her enjoy Taylor, but be swift in the ways of protection.​

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